Crowd Funding


The Crowdfunding Campaign with Aflamnah ended in October 2017. We raised a healthy $7900 which was enough to bring Toby out from Far North Film (UK) to film for 2 weeks. It was a very intense but fantastic time filming.

Now Toby and Fion have the tedious task of looking through about 35 hours of footage before the editing process begins. We will need to raise further funds to finish the editing and colouration process. But all in all we should be finished by spring, ready to submit to film festivals in the region and further afield.

Here is a list of contributors who supported ‘Grain of Sand’:

Neil Ruckman
Lydia Martin
Hannes Pikkat
Julie Barshinger
Külli Lilleorg
Farid Bukhari
Amna Al Ahbabi
Anne McDowall
Pippa West
Heli Bathija
Kelly Saxberg
Frederique Flynn
Sean Wolley
David McEnarney
Judy Bowles
Simon Broughton
David Thomas
Benjamin Wymeersch
Barbara and Nicolas
McCall Gilfillan
Charlotte Lyster
Joanne Bork
James Matthews
Roger Hazelgrove
Martin Entwistle
Dallas Smith
Sue Pelter
Laura Allais
Jon Bergdahl
Mark Barnwell
Alastair Cutting
Jenny Natusch
Philippe Lissart
Peter Curtis
Charles Donald
Päivi Taipale
Kendall Ruth
Gregg Miner
Nick & Amanda Evans-Pughe
Tom White
Ken & Leah Chynoweth-Tidy
Andrew Thompson
Murray Brown
Jo-Ann Brehm
Delphine Garde-Mroueh
Elisabeth Eschauzier
Doris Hambuch
Emma Brining
Ara Tozlikian
Eva Sayre
Abdulla Al Kaabi
Frederique Flynn
Shari Whitman
Christopher Norris
Butheina H Kazim
Crissy Gonzalez
Farid Bukhari
Keith J
Cornelia Abrahamsohn
Peter Wilson
Nicky Gibbs
Gordana Rauski
Karen Lim
Simo Vehmas
Tala Al Ramahi
Elaine Henbest
Brian Kerrigan
Sarah Marshall
Adib Behjat
Zaid Adham
Amy Halliday
Faisal Hashmi
Ranuk De Silva
MBC Alamal
Janell Hojara
Khadijah Kudsi
Valentine Mcquinn
Immacolata Caforio
Joanna Abousleiman
Alice Kharoubi
Najwa Bukhari
Beth Parks
Daniel Malak
Abdulhamid Nassouri
Christian Artists Finland
Mita Ray
Graham Bergdahl
Jain Hamoudi