Jason Carter – Presenter / Producer / Musician  jasoncarter.net

British-born international guitarist/composer Jason Carter has toured the globe with his inimitable fusion of world music and classical styles. He has visited over 90 countries as diverse as the Gulf States, North Korea, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and Mozambique, receiving awards for his efforts in building international cultural insight through music. His extensive discography – labels including Sony, EMI and ASV – and collaborations with a cornucopia of prominent musicians from across Asia, America and Europe mark him out as a prolific artist of exceptional originality. His concerts are at once deeply fascinating, intimate and profoundly moving occasions in which he not only shares his creative musical gift but also a gentle and genuine humanity. Jason is a writer and contributor for the support of the Iraqi Symphony Orchestra in Baghdad, and has appeared as a soloist with the Novosibirsk Philharmonic Orchestra and the Prague Philharmonic,Orchestra, sponsored by UNESCO.

Dar Burshaid & Shabab Al Hidd

Grain of Sand could not have been possible without the participation of Dar Burshaid Shabab Al Hidd. The guys at this particular Dar in Muhurraq, Bahrain, specialise in the music of the pearl divers with a focus on the ‘Fijeri’ songs. These songs are pre-Islamic and are rarely sang.



Ahmed Al Ghanem – Flautist / Composer ahmedalghanem.com

Ahmed Al Ghanem  studied Flute at Cairo Conservatory and has given countless recitals in Bahrain, the Arabian Gulf and Europe.  He has also participated in concerts with UNESCO in Paris & Havana. Ahmed has performed with the likes of Marcel Khalife and Wissam Boustany and performed in theatre plays in Bahrain, Cairo and  Switzerland.


Ahmed taught music at a Bahraini Government School for 10 years , and  is now Head of the Music Department at Directorate of Art and Culture , Bahrain’s Authority for Culture & Antiquities Ministry of Culture. He started to composed his own music in 2013 where he performed first  piece (Petition). Ahmed is inspired by his Arabic and Traditional Bahraini musical roots, giving it a ‘Classical’ form, an effort to make traditional music more accessible to a western ear.

Toby Watts from Far North Film spent two weeks with us in January 2017 following us around Bahrain, filming for Grain of Sand. Toby has worked in the Middle East and across Europe making films for the last six years.

After working for ‘Moving Images’, a documentary production company in New Delhi, Toby has been writing scripts, making films and doing just about everything in between. Far North Film is based in Sheffield, UK.


Inspire Creative is the brainchild of British Musician/Composer Lydia Martin. Inspire is a School for the Arts. a Festival, Talent Agency and a Film Company.



Instamatic Films is a Film Company based in Bahrain, under the parent company Inspire Creative, run by Jason Carter. Jason does bespoke films for clients, mainly in the Middle East, adding a unique creative dynamic, working only in Cinema Format.