There are some exciting possibilities for collaborations with schools within the Gulf and student participation within the project ‘A Grain Of Sand’.

Students could make their own versions of the project using their smartphones, around the theme of Culture and Heritage and development of the Gulf. Interviews could be limited to 5 or 10 minutes, exploring the same themes as the project. In-school interviews could be conducted amongst students, discussing contemporary development and the cultural heritage of the Gulf. Questions could include: ‘What is pearl diving  music?’, ‘Do the songs of the pearl divers mean anything to us today?’

Jason Carter would travel to each school beforehand, giving a brief on the project and how students could participate. This may involve brief sessions of basic video editing and how to string together video clips and music. This could work as a standalone project involving individual schools, with the possibility of all schools involved, coming together at the end of the project, showing their films alongside the actual film ’A Grain Of Sand’.

Many schools within the Gulf have already expressed interest. If your school might be interested then please drop Jason Carter a line via the ‘Contact’ link above.

Now the filming process is over I will be contacting schools soon to discuss possibilities.