Welcome to the project – ‘A Grain Of Sand’

7 Jun

Welcome to the project – ‘A Grain Of Sand’. Embracing Cultural Identity. Harnessing the Music of the Pearl Divers of the Arabian Gulf.

After 4 years since the birth of ‘Grain Of Sand’, the filming is now done!

Here is the pitch video, a new pitch/teaser will be uploaded in the next few weeks.

The concert on the 3rd February at la Fontaine Arts Centre went splendidly and Toby from Far North Film was here for two weeks filming for ‘Grain Of Sand’. It was a very intense process but we have it! Now Toby and Fion have around 35 hours of footage to look through. We aim to have the film ready in order to submit to film festivals in the Middle East so keep checking back for updates!

Jason Carter – Harp Guitar

Ahmed Ali Ghanem – Flute

Musicians from Dar Burshaid & Shabab Al Hidd.