Welcome to the project – ‘A Grain Of Sand’

7 Jun

Here is the original Pitch Video which was specific to the UAE, a new video will be ready soon with the new project vision. I have opened up the project to Bahrain and Kuwait and concerts will be organised. Watch this space…

“The younger generation should know how our grandparents suffered, and what they did for us despite their lack of resources. Knowing this they will double their effort and productivity, to build on this inheritance”  Sheikh Zayed, Founder of the UAE

Hello everybody. Thank you for following our project ‘A Grain of Sand’. It has been a fascinating journey so far. Ray Haddad and I worked extremely hard in tracking down the last remaining Pearl Divers of the UAE with months of research beforehand. I have now decided to open this project up to the wider Gulf and I am currently discussing possibilites with the British Council in Bahrain, Kuwait and the UAE with regards to securing concert dates in each respective country. These concerts will be filmed and I will collaborate with each group of Pearl Divers.

For those of you who have contributed via Aflamnah, you will be receiving an email shortly with regards to the change of direction of the project and will be given the choice as to whether support the new direction of ‘A Grain Of Sand’, or to receive a refund.

More news to follow, I am VERY excited about the new direction of then film.

Best regards